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Applying Positive Behavior Supports in the Classroom


We systematically teach students to read, write, and compute, however explicit instruction focused on teaching behavior is often overlooked. PBS takes a systems approach to teaching successful behaviors to students. Based on the well-­‐researched, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), PBS has been implemented effectively in schools and school systems around the country.

Session A - Foundations of ABA and PBS principles and examples of classroom use.

Session B -­ Developing a PBS classroom environment which supports reading and math instruction.


Essential Question – How can research based practices improve student behavior and ensure a productive classroom environment?

  • Understand the research behind both ABA and PBS
  • Learn how ABA and PBS have been successfully incorporated into classroom improvements
  • Develop an implementation plan to incorporate PBS in the classroom



SESSION LENGTH:  Session A = 2 hours; Session B = 2 hours

PREREQUISITES:  Session A Required for Session B

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