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Building Academic Vocabulary


Building academic vocabulary (BAV) has been proven to be an essential element for increasing student achievement in all subject areas. BAV strategies go far beyond traditional method of copying definitions or writing sentences with words.

Session A - Marzano’s research and 6 step process for BAV are covered in depth and the three Tiers of academic vocabulary are covered so teachers can better prioritize vocabulary for instruction. 

Session B -­ The connection between CCSS and standardized assessments and BAV are explored. Participants get in depth practice develop lessons using the 6 step process. 

Session C -­ A specific focus on building vocabulary for student success in math including operational vocabulary which helps students find success on math assessments. 


Essential Question – How does explicit instruction in BAV can ensure considerable gains in student reading comprehension across all content area?

  • Make the connection between academic vocabulary and its relationship to background knowledge
  • Identify vocabulary as Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III
  • Understand and apply the six steps of BAV



SESSION LENGTH:  Each Session = 2 hours

PREREQUISITES:  Session A Required for Session B, Session A Required for Session C

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