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New Teacher Success


With the significant new-­teacher attrition issues (30% of new teachers leave within their first two years, and up to 50% leave within their first seven years), this workshop is the lifeline new teachers need for classroom success, professional achievement, and personal fulfillment.

Session A – Developing a productive classroom environment and planning for engaging instruction 

Session B – Instructional strategies that increase engagement and how to develop assessments that challenge students to apply what they have learned


Essential Question – How can you ensure new teacher success?

  • Help new teachers incorporate creative lesson plans, differentiated instruction, and appropriate use of assessment in the 21st Century classroom.
  • Learn from leading experts helping teachers increase effectiveness
  • Assist new teachers in managing a classroom.
  • Increase new teacher skills and assuredness



SESSION LENGTH:  Session A = 2 hours; Session B = 2 hours

PREREQUISITES:  Session A Required for Session B

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