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Writing Workshop Model


This session provides an overview of the four step writing workshop model and its main difference from other approaches: tapping into a student’s authentic voice by writing about their own lives. With the goal of creating lifelong writers, this session covers the why and how of the writing workshop method and how to structure the writing process in a consistent and productive way for students. Teachers will collaborate to create mini-lessons and whole units of study.

Session A – Learn and understand the writer’s workshop model

Session B - Apply the writer’s workshop method to developing lessons and units of study


Essential Question – How does a consistent process tapping into a student’s authentic voice improve writing performance?

  • Understand the writing workshop model
  • Learn how to develop a student’s authentic voice
  • Implementing a writing workshop mode
  • Develop mini-lessons and units of study
  • Align workshops with CCSS expectations



SESSION LENGTH:   Session A = 2 hours; Session B = 2 hours

PREREQUISITES:  Session A Required for Session B

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