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Writing in the Core I


In this course, we begin with a brief overview of the Common Core State Standards and how writing is affected by them1. The CCSS text types and purposes are connected with ELA and math and how writing is a cross curricular activity.

Session A – Intense study of the CCSS writing standards and how they are taught using various subject areas. Compare CCSS expectations with traditional writing strategies.

Session B - Apply the writing process to standards across subject areas and design supports like rubrics and graphic organizers to support writing proficiency. Develop writing prompts using both ELA and math content.


Essential Question – How can teachers use ELA Common Core in other disciplines across the curriculum?

  • Understand the CCSS and be able to align curriculum materials to the writing standards
  • Recognize how text types may be adapted to writing in various subject areas
  • Receive structured teaching methods that can be used with students in your classrooms
  • Using rubrics and graphic organizers to enhance writing skills



SESSION LENGTH:   Session A = 2 hours; Session B = 2 hours

PREREQUISITES:  Session A Required for Session B

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