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Free College and Career Readiness Resource! Introducing OnTrack PSE!

Montage Education Presents: OnTrackPSE & the OnTrack Grant Program

OnTrack to Post-Secondary Education (PSE) is an online college and career readiness program for students, school counselors, community agencies, and mentors to become informed of the PSE process.

It provides 9th-12th grade students with the knowledge to complete their educational experience through weekly grade specific video modules. Using OnTrack's short video modules (38 per year), our students are prepared to apply to realistic schools, gain acceptance, and receive financial aid support to attend.

The OnTrack Grant Program includes the following features at no cost to students, schools or community organizations!

* Usage of the OnTrack curriculum for grades 9-12

* Initial training and support by UIF team

* UIF will compile a report for college attainment data from 12th grade participants

* Endowment of 5 hours of studio time to customize modules

* Host site must supply a point-person to interact with students


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